Our Approach

Free AI Consulting Session & Project Estimation

  • Provide a free AI consulting session during the client's discovery call.
  • Develop a detailed roadmap that includes transparent pricing, project stages, delivery timeline, and team breakdown.
  • Sign a contract and set up a project team upon agreement.

Solution Architecture Design

  • Begin the project with an initial solution architecture design document.
  • Define the data processing pipeline, monitoring service, and hypotheses.
  • Select the best-fit Machine Learning/Deep Learning architectures.

R&D Process Set-Up

  • Adapt Agile methodologies for Machine Learning/Deep Learning R&D.
  • Configure tools and team operations to track, control, and iterate on progress.

Models Development and Training

  • Anonymize and depersonalize sensitive user data.
  • Gather and label custom datasets using data labeling partners or state-of-the-art models.
  • Clean the data for exploratory data analysis.
  • Develop the Machine Learning/Deep Learning Pipeline.
  • Launch training and parameters tuning cycles.
  • Test the model in inference mode and optimize it to meet defined accuracy and speed metrics.

Service Development & Deployment

  • Launch the service development process.
  • Merge the data pipeline with the Machine Learning/Deep Learning Pipeline.
  • Develop the end API, service, or package for production use.
  • Deploy the solution to the required destination, whether in the cloud, on dedicated servers, mobile, or embedded devices.

System Monitoring & Knowledge Transfer

  • Integrate monitoring, performance testing, and CI/CD systems.
  • Gather insights on new data, data anomalies, and key metrics to improve model performance.
  • Document the full solution.
  • Conduct knowledge transfer to the client's team to ensure correct usage.